The TechCORE MSS Team at PegaWorld 2015

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As usual, PegaWorld 2015 lived up to expectations, and the TechCORE MSS team was there to learn about the new Pega trends, meet up with old friends, and meet some new potential partners as we look forward to applying some of the new Pega innovations like Pega Express.

We are going to take some time to recover from all the fun we had at Universal and at the Gala, but here are some photos of the ATS team with some of our Pega buddies.  To the right (L to R), you’ll see our own Terry Bandy and Allen Roytkov, Pega’s Dave Michaels, ATS’ Jason Hairston and Melissa Harris, and Pega’s Mark Orvin.

Above, we have one of our Pega partners from the VA-FSC project, Torre Albritton, our ATS Pega guru, Melissa Thomas, and Terry Bandy again.  Everyone was enjoying the Sunday night reception in the balmy Orlando weather.

Pega world 2015 chess

Alan Trefler (to the left, holding an adult beverage) played chess against 21 competitors (from the Pega community) again this year.  He won 19 games, “tied” one game, and was beaten in just one match up.  The lucky winner was Parisheel Joga (not pictured).  This is one tradition at PegaWorld that always proves interesting!

At the Tuesday night Gala, Melissa got a surprise caricature from a roving artist who presented her with his spot-on likeness and a declaration that she was “the most interesting person in the room.” And no, she is not the Dos Equis guy.

Pega world 2015 chess

Jason also met some interesting, new people like Pega’s Greg DeMelo (left).  A Zack Galifiniakas look-alike? Maybe a Zack Galifiniakas beard look alike.

We will be posting a blog next week to give a more thoughtful reaction to what we learned at PegaWorld 2015.  We are already looking forward to PegaWorld 2016, not to diss Orlando or DC or anything, but Pega is taking the Las Vegas plunge next year! I predict there will be Elvises (or is it Elvi?). Hope to see you there!

Pega world 2015 chess

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