Increasing our visibility and becoming “known, “liked,” and “preferred.”

/ / President Note

TechCORE MSS continues to demonstrate our belief that “challenges are opportunities to innovate.” The commitment that we have to our clients has allowed us to maintain a steady growth, acquire new contracts, and recruit new staff with exceptional qualifications and experience, so that as we focus on our clients we can provide the superior project services that they deserve.

Our performance has helped us develop relationships to further establish TechCORE MSS as a contender in the marketplace. We are happy that we are being recognized by our valued staff to be one of the “Best Places to Work,” and are well on the way to becoming the envy in our industry. In addition, we are actively working to increase our visibility, and are excited that we have become “known,” and “liked,” and we continue to work at becoming more and more “preferred” by our clients so that we can become the firm of choice for the services that we provide.

Our message has traditionally focused on <strong>what we do</strong> and <strong>how we do it</strong>, but without the <strong>“why we do it”</strong> it will be difficult to recognize our full potential. “Why we do it” can make a difference to our clients, our communities, our country, the economy, and of course to our business. Why we do what we do matters, and when we fully understand this, we become excited to come to work each day because we know that we have a purpose in the services that we provide for our clients.

As we prepare to celebrate Veterans Day and Thanksgiving, I reflect on our country and the diversity of peoples, beliefs, cultures, histories, and traditions that have come together to create this great nation. As we expand our client base beyond or local area, we at TechCORE MSS are proud of our commitment towards maintaining a workforce that represents the cultural diversity of our ever-changing environment. Whether with our clients, or employees, we constantly demonstrate that we maintain a policy and practice of inclusiveness and respect for all individuals. Just as our country is built on the strength of our people, so is our company, TechCORE MSS. I am extremely optimistic for the rest of 2020, and our path forward in 2021 and beyond. I know that we will continue to succeed in being a company that is known, liked, and preferred if we focus on our vision, mission, and purpose to remain an integrated and diverse staff and client team.

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