Proud of Being a Collaborative & Creative TechCORE MSS Team.

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As we prepare to bring 2020 to a close, I find myself humbled but energized by the reality that I am fortunate to lead an organization like TechCORE MSS. Like many businesses and particularly as a small business, we have had to navigate our ability for continued operations during “the year of COVID-19.” Our people have proven to be creative, trusted partners whose expertise, focus, and passion are recognizable in the transformational work we do for our clients.

In spite of COVID-19, we continue on an amazing journey as a company. Our success in “Bridging The Gap Between People, Process and Technology” and advancing the potential of the company we’ve built, is closely linked to our ability to collaborate and fully leverage the expertise and diversity of all of our valued staff and consultants. Supported by technology, new tools and colleagues who possess a strong spirit of cooperation, we’ve made great progress in collaboration, and mutual respect for our individual talents, united by our shared purpose and a desire to do amazing things.

It’s easy to do things the way we’ve always done them, but sometimes there may be a more efficient way, but it’s far more difficult to step outside our comfort zones. When we collaborate, we acknowledge that there might be a different approach to consider beyond what we have always done. When we collaborate, we go beyond just identifying experts or case studies; rather, we engage those experts in a way that drives creative thinking. When we collaborate, we tap diverse points of view across different areas of the company, challenge ourselves, and work through solutions that power innovative outcomes.

In response to COVID-19, we have made creative adjustment and had significant accomplishments during 2020.   For example, we:

  • Adjusted to working remotely while maintaining communication via daily ZOOM meetings
  • Established our new corporate office space in Stafford, Virginia which qualifies us for HubZone certification
  • Created and launched our new websites
  • Expanded our qualifications and capability by obtaining multiple new certifications
  • Increased our visibility through attendance and active participation at conferences (Appian World; Pega World; USPTO Small Business Networking Conference; Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce Procurement Conference; NIH Small Business Program Office Vendor Outreach; Smithsonian; etc.)

My wish is that we all remain safe and healthy, and that everyone will have a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday. I look forward to our being able to end the year with even greater accomplishments as we continue on this positive trend, and recognize that we are all on the same team and commit to be more collaborative and creative in everything that we do.

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