Continuing with Superior Performance in a CoVid-19 Era – February 2021

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At TechCORE MSS we will always recognize that our people are our company.

At the start of 2021 it continues to be a challenging year for businesses. As I stated in my monthly letter in November, “just as our country is built on the strength of our people, so is our company.” We work hard to create and maintain an environment that demonstrates our policy and practice of inclusiveness and respect for all individuals as we focus on making sure that it is reflected in the excellent work we provide to our clients.

This month is Black History Month and TechCORE MSS is proud of the fact that we have made our workplace inclusive, equitable and welcoming to employees of diverse ethnicity and backgrounds and that we demonstrate that our vision and goals are to provide quality service while we keep our people safe and healthy. People come to work at TechCORE MSS because of our culture and because they believe in our vision which we clearly articulate to our people and our clients. It is our mantra, not just in February, but always.

We believe that it is essential to take care of our mental, emotional and physical health to ensure a wellness “balance,” which is even more critical because of additional stress that we all experience during the era of CoVid-19. Although we have been working remotely for the past several months, we still focus on looking after our personnel by encouraging happiness through better nutrition, exercise and meditation. We believe in safety and wellness and we become energized so that we can continue to make a positive contribution in the workplace as well as the work that we do for our clients. While we continue to work remotely with regular online meetings, presentations, and demos, we have improved our communication skills and make sure that we remain safe and secure online.

We are so excited and proud of the fact that our belief in who we are, and our commitment to our people and clients, TechCORE MSS is recognized in the December issue of CIO Magazine as one of the top 20 Most Promising Enterprise Information Management Solution Providers for 2020.

We are committed to maintaining that reputation as we continue to provide Enterprise Information Management Consulting Services and Solutions with our employees of diverse ethnicity and backgrounds, and who provide quality service while we keep them safe and healthy.

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