How to be a Triple Threat in Business

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How to be a Triple Threat in Business

Sing! Dance! Act! This is the Hollywood definition of a triple threat, but what about the business definition?

  • Intelligence
  • Business acumen
  • Leadership skills
  • Technical expertise
  • Analysis skills
  • Background/Insider Industry/Client knowledge
  • Trustworthiness
  • Being personable and relatable
  • Being a team player
  • Able to deliver on promises
  • Accountable
  • Responsible

That’s a tall order for one person to encompass, though it’s not impossible—these are on every employer’s wish list, right? Nearly every job posting lists these traits as desirable for a successful candidate. So, which of these are the top three? Which are the best three?

I would venture to say, it somewhat depends on the client, the project, and possibly the industry. Once you know your niche, you can hone your approach, but there are still some common traits that can make you a triple threat.

Ryan Estis, in his article “How Futuremakers Can Inspire and Lead Culture Change,” reported on how McGladrey has worked to stay competitive. Mike Kirley, McGladrey’s COO said, “We have to bring technical expertise and industry knowledge and act as trusted business advisors above all else. It’s about understanding the aspirations and challenges of each client and developing strong relationships and trust with people.”

According to this, knowing your technology and knowing your industry are the primary qualities that ensure your success. But it’s that third quality that can set you apart from the competition: being a trusted business advisor. This encompasses the last 6 traits on the list: To be trusted, you must be trustworthy, accountable, and responsible. To be invited to participate in an advisory team role, you must be a team player, personable, and someone who delivers on promises.

It really comes down to building genuine relationships with your clients. You still have to know your business, but creating the kind of business relationship that really impacts your client is what matters. It’s what makes you different from those competitors who don’t listen, who come across as product pushers, who are blind to the client’s objectives and/or culture. If you approach your client as a partner with whom you are trying to make a difference, you’ll be one step closer to reaching that goal. Be a friend, or at least friendly. Be the one they turn to for solutions. Be the one they need to have in difficult situations. And then, be the problem solver. Showing the willingness to get down in the trenches and do the hard work may be the best way to prove that you have what it takes to be that trusted business advisor.

If you are looking for a business partner that can bring technological expertise with business acumen, and serve as a trusted advisor to empower your project, contact TechCORE MSS by email or by phone at (703) 337-4300.

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