A BPM Approach to Cyber Security Monitoring

We recognize that the world of cyber security has changed. Gone are the days where a modest amount of protective technology and strategies provide a reasonable amount of security and residual risk. In a fast-evolving business world, areas of risks seem to evolve even faster than new preventative technologies. Governments and corporate entities are now faced with the reality that compromise is not a possibility, rather a reality. Checklists and audits do not provide the protection to prevent determined adversaries. All organizations have been, continue to, or will be compromised to some degree.

We have all become more vulnerable particularly during this time while we continue to work remotely with regular online meetings and sharing of information. We can now all access data from phones and tablets everywhere we go with privacy being a key concern. These devices are increasingly being used to access data for work purposes and have effectively extended the business network to areas with little control and even less security. This highly mobile workforce has blurred the traditional boundaries of layered security. When mobile employees use their hand-held devices to access data and company information, these devices become new attack vectors adversaries will utilize. Cloud computing and mobile applications are now mainstream, and data is moved into various cloud storage facilities with varying degrees of access.

At TechCORE MSS we have a strong focus on BPM processes that reduce the time of compromise and limit exposure. Time is the key factor. It takes time for adversaries to compromise and enter systems and once they enter, they seek to establish “persistence” to seek out and find information they are looking for. We know that we need to keep data safe and secure. Traditional approaches to security have in large part failed. Thousands of companies have realized they have been compromised while thousands more are unaware until notified by others. Security protection involves “prevention” as well as “detection.”

Incorporating a Business Process Management (BPM) lifecycle approach into security processes to identify key assets, implement network and continuous security monitoring are a key strategic approach. Through analysis and implementation of these processes, the time of compromise could be reduced, persistence negated, and the likelihood of successful attacks decreased.

BPM solutions can help organizations integrate data security and authorization processes into user operations in an efficient way. BPM solutions are adaptive, scalable, and uniquely efficient for organizations’ data security and authorization processes. We can work with Clients’ executive, management, and IT/security teams to help define the profile of an ideal cybersecurity monitoring system and understand what needs to be accomplished, navigate the pros and cons of different architectures and technologies, determine the potential benefits, and develop recommendations.

Our company has continually been rated amongst the top ten BPM firms, and we know that with our experience we can contribute to using BPM as a cybersecurity solution.

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