Automation Anywhere Excellence

Automation Anywhere Excellence

Collaborate. Optimize. Respond. Empower.

TechCORE MSS is a top tier Automation Anywhere Partner whose mission is to design high-quality and scalable Automation Anywhere RPA solutions. Our software robots help clients digitalize the entire business process for the ultimate experience in efficiency. We are experts in successfully combining extensive business experience with advanced software development skills on technologies such as RPA, AI, and Machine Learning, to achieve automation excellence. Hyper-automation is the sum of process automation, integration tools, and technologies that amplify human work skills.

Automation Anywhere: Web-based management system to automate companies end-to-end business operations

At its core, Hyper-automation starts with RPA, expanding the automation capability with AI, process mining, Machine Learning, and other advanced tools.

TechCORE MSS provide a highly functional software using Automation Anywhere to boost the productivity by excluding all the repetitive tasks from the working process. Our RPA development experts create smarter and standardized processes for improved process transparency, rapid and automated reporting, and successful customer experiences.

Once the Automation Anywhere RPA software is programmed to understand specific processes, it can automatically process and manipulate data, trigger responses, and communicate with other systems as and when required. Rule-based processes can also be easily re-configured because Automation Anywhere RPA is basically code-free and does not require critical programming skills to modify the pre-coded bots.

Our Automation Anywhere RPA Services include:

– Automation Assessment                                                      – Center of Excellence (COE) Establishment

– Attended & Unattended Automation                                  – Business Process Automation

– Web & Screen scraping Automation                                   – Desktop Automation

– PDF, Excel, Email Data extraction and process Automation

Our team specializes in developing and deploying the Automation 360 platform which includes:

  • Discovery Bot – Process Discovery
    • AI automated discovery
    • Process prioritization
  • IQ Bot – Data Understanding
    • Semi-structured Data
    • Structured forms
  • RPA Workspace – Robotic Process Automation
    • Attended Automation
    • Unattended Automation
  • Bot Insight – Smart Analytics
    • Operational Insights
    • Business Insights

Automation Anywhere Training

TechCORE MSS is also a training partner of Automation Anywhere offering on-line or in-person instructor led training. Our training staff are certified Automation Anywhere resources. Our offerings include:

  • Bot Developer Training
  • Business Analyst Training for Automations
  • IQ Bot Developer Training
  • Mastering Bots: Advanced Digital Workforce
  • Intelligent Document Processing using IQ Bot

We prepare you for collecting your Automation Anywhere RPA Badges:

Additionally, we prepare for the 2 Automation Anywhere RPA Certifications:

  • Automation Anywhere Certified Advanced RPA Professional
  • Automation Anywhere Certified Master RPA Professional

We invite you to explore our services and reach out to our specialists to discuss your needs.