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“Enablement for Vets” Certified Automation Anywhere Training Program (CAAT)

This program was defined by Mrs. Quanetta Lewis, a service-disabled veteran, who is grateful for the opportunities she was afforded after she left military service. She is dedicated to providing the same, if not better, opportunities to her fellow Veteran’s by offering leading edge technology training and job placement assistance through TechCORE MSS’s “Enablement for Vets” Program. This program is solely created for Veteran’s to provide them a platform to get skilled in the latest Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology using Automation Anywhere.

According to the Gartner report: Magic Quadrant for Robotic Process Automation 2021, “RPA automates repetitive tasks by emulating transactional steps currently taken by humans, mainly via orchestrated UI interactions. The RPA software market remains one of the fastest-growing segments of the enterprise software market. Despite COVID-19 uncertainties, the RPA software segment’s revenue grew by 38.9% in 2020. The global robotic process automation industry generated $1.63 billion in 2019, and is estimated to garner $19.53 billion by 2027, witnessing a CAGR of 36.4% from 2020 to 2027.”

TechCORE MSS provides employment and training services to veterans. Our staff is dedicated to help veterans transition to civilian employment. Veterans and their eligible spouses receive Priority of Service throughout the full array of services provided through our “Enablement for Vets” Training Program. Our program is committed to working with veterans to provide job counseling, training, mentoring, and other internal advancement opportunities once qualified veterans are hired. TechCORE MSS’s goal is to create further advancement opportunities for veterans, recognizing the value and importance of ongoing development and representation at all levels of the workplace.

The “Enablement for Vets” Training Program includes at a high level:

  • As a trusted Automation Anywhere Partner, TechCORE MSS’ Certified Automation Anywhere Training (CAAT) Program is taught by experienced industry experts and top-rated Automation Anywhere RPA professionals.
  • Attend online instructor-led sessions, with instant instructor feedback.
  • Learn to design, build, test and deploy RPA bots and attain your Automation Anywhere professional skills.
  • Learn things practically by working with live projects and receive complete guidance from experts
  • Activities provide real-world applications and scenarios, building research and development application skills.
  • Up-to-date training provided on the Automation 360 cloud-based platform.
  • Certification Oriented Curriculum

“Enablement for Vets” Certification Objectives:

The Automation Anywhere RPA Badges this course prepares for include:


“Enablement for Vets” Program

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    Additionally, we prepare for the 2 Automation Anywhere RPA Certifications:

    • Automation Anywhere Certified Advanced RPA Professional
    • Automation Anywhere Certified Master RPA Professional


    Why will TechCORE MSS’s Certified Automation Anywhere Training (CAAT) grow my career?

    • Automation Anywhere is the most widely-scalable RPA platform in the U.S., with demand growing for its tremendous success rates of speedily converting repetitive tasks into accurate, cost-effective, secure activities. Automation Anywhere has deployed nearly 3 million bots to support some of the world’s largest enterprises across all industries in more than 90 countries.
    • Industries pushing the RPA demand curve and seeking RPA talent include Financial Services, Healthcare, Insurance, Logistics, Pharmaceuticals, Retail, Travel and Utilities
    • The average annual pay for an Automation Anywhere Developer in the United States is $120,100 (Aug. 2021)
    • TechCORE MSS is a top tier Automation Anywhere Partner and our staff is fully certified and experts in training on the Automation Anywhere platform.

    What is the format?

    Virtual live instructor led training which spans a 9-month timeframe with access to labs/live projects, certification exam preparation, and exam entry. Automation Anywhere badges and certifications happen throughout the 9-months. At the end of the 9-months you will be Master RPA certified with hands-on experience.

    What prior technology experience is required?

    No technology experience needed as a pre-requisite. Training is beneficial for admins, analysts, developers, and those with roles focused on gaining process efficiency and insight

    What is the expected commitment?

    Courses are live taught at specific times via ZOOM; We do understand that life challenges sometimes arise, and we may have to adjust or reschedule a class, but we try to keep a constant weekly agenda. If we must adjust, TechCORE MSS will make every effort to notify candidates at least 5 days in advance.

    What certificate does course prepare students for?

    The course prepares for the two Automation Anywhere RPA Certifications:

    • Automation Anywhere Certified Advanced RPA Professional
    • Automation Anywhere Certified Master RPA Professional

    How do I pre-register and request information?

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