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6 Ways to Thrive in Challenging Projects

Challenging projects. We’ve all had to deal with at least one. Maybe every project is challenging in its own way. Of course, the nature of the challenge defines how to best address problems and move forward, but there are some basic truths that can be applied to all projects. Focus on goals. When facing an […]

3 minutes. 3 hours. 3 days.

In our day-to-day business lives, we have to handle disappointment, anger, frustration, and, yes, even flaming emails. Since work can take up a good part of our daily lives, we can run the gamut of emotions in the work place. On our best days, we can step back and choose not to react. We can […]

A BPM Approach to Cyber Security Monitoring

We recognize that the world of cyber security has changed. Gone are the days where a modest amount of protective technology and strategies provide a reasonable amount of security and residual risk. In a fast-evolving business world, areas of risks seem to evolve even faster than new preventative technologies. Governments and corporate entities are now […]

Building our Virginia Community

Happy Easter, and Happy Passover, to Everyone! At TechCORE MSS in addition to the IT and Professional Services that we provide to clients, our corporate policy includes a commitment to provide volunteer service to our local community, and we are especially pleased when that service can help to bring joy to children This month we […]