Data Science and Analytics

Data Science and Analytics

Collaborate. Optimize. Respond. Empower.

Advanced Analytics

At TechCORE MSS, uncover hidden patterns and insights through on-going analysis, dashboards, predictive models, and data visualizations. Utilizing the latest data science techniques, we provide intelligence that informs the digital experience and produces measurable results. Close collaboration with our clients ensures our models are vetted from statistical and business perspectives, resulting in actionable and definitive recommendations.

  • Analysis & Insights – Provide and spread meaningful insight across the business
  • Business Intelligence – Automate dashboards that promote data-driven discovery
  • Data Visualization – Highlight trends and communicate hidden insights visually
  • Data Science – Algorithmically define audiences, predict behavior, and more

Technology Enablement

Strategy and investment in technology will fail to return value to a digital marketing program in the absence of expert implementation and enablement services. Leveraging TechCORE MSS’s historical excellence in technical services, we implement analytics and optimization tools as well as provide guidance on how these tools interact with the rest of your tech stack. Combining technical implementation with data engineering services enable our clients to deliver optimal customer experiences at scale.

  • Implementation Services – Empower data collection and action across tools
  • Data Engineering – Optimally store, manage, and surface data
  • Tool Integration – Ensure tools function optimally within your tech stack
  • Stack Management – Ensure tools function optimally within your tech stack

Data Strategy

Data integrity is the foundation of any digital analytics program. Without access to reliable data, decisions default to intuition. We use a combination of measurement strategy sessions and data audits to verify that the right metrics are identified and tracked correctly. To ensure your goals are reached, we document business requirements and correlate those metrics with analytics variables in a custom solution design reference. TechCORE MSS’s experience shows strong analytics foundations facilitate trust in the data, support analytical inferences, and positively influence the outcome.

  • Measurement Strategy – Define success and measurement across channels
  • Data & Tool Audit – Evaluate data integrity and tool functionality
  • Business Requirements – Align business needs with project objectives
  • Solution Design – Map key metrics to the variables in your analytics solution

Experience Optimization

Our optimization efforts ensure that the customer experience is informed by data rather than opinion. Testing, personalization, and email campaigns guide user interface features and content as well as improve customer acquisition, engagement, and retention. TechCORE MSS uses experimental design principles and advanced statistical techniques to properly establish, run, and analyze controlled A/B experiments as well as algorithmically driven personalization campaigns.

  • Experimentation – Optimize the presentation layer with A/B and multivariate testing
  • Personalization – Fine tune content that demands relevancy and measures the results
  • Email – Craft and deliver the right message to the right audience

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