To land top talent, you need first access to the best. Let others wonder what they missed.

Don’t be snared by recruiting pitfalls. Our prompt specialists help you through the complicated hiring processes to secure top candidates for your opportunity. This means you will:

  • Meet critical deadlines
  • Tap unsurpassed connections
  • Capture exceptional talent, screened to fit
  • Spend less, achieve more

We work to be your NO COST talent provider.

Now’s the time to meet top talent.


TechCORE MSS provides temporary/contract staffing personnel who work on an hourly basis to provide responsive professional staffing support to your location particularly relevant during dynamic market conditions from steady state to spikes and surges as they occur. Staffing requirements can surge at any time and often result in over-extended human resources, or costly lost revenue opportunities. Whatever management, IT, or administrative staffing challenges arise, TechCORE MSS supports organizations of all sizes across a spectrum of industries to achieve success by providing temporary/contract staff for complex staff augmentation needs.

We are particularly proud of our ability for rapid response to clients’ needs for immediate additional staff (surge support). This support allows more projects to be supported simultaneously without the need to add expensive overhead costs as you will only be charged for the hours worked by the employee during the temporary /contract period.

TechCORE MSS offers flexibility on contracts for personnel who start as temporary staff but who are eventually hired as permanent staff by the client. We expect that there will be a minimum period in hours that our staff is required to work with the client at an assignment before they are able to accept a permanent position to avoid a buy-out or conversion fee. We also provide cost savings by offering discounts based on number of personnel, as well as expertise, and specialization that may be required.

Whatever management, IT, or administrative staffing challenges arise, TechCORE MSS has helped organizations of all sizes across a spectrum of industries achieve success through intelligent contract to hire solutions.

We are proud of our ability to meet clients’ staffing requirements, particularly relevant during dynamic market conditions.

TechCORE MSS offers personnel for direct hire to organizations of all sizes across a spectrum of industries.

TechCORE MSS partners with firms to deliver professional teams of high-quality personnel and will find the best-qualified managerial/administrative or IT candidates for your contract.

  • We have in place recruitment and hiring processes to provide the implementation of a       consistent, logical approach for job openings.
  • Our recruiting approach begins with understanding your job requirement and our        recruiters and other workforce members familiar with the work will review and research your        requirement to determine what skills and experience are best qualified to provide the service.


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