Healthcare Records Process Management


  • Application Migrations
  • Backlog Issue-Resolution
  • E2E & UAT Testing
  • Environment Readiness
  • Use Case Development
  • Training & Enablement
  • Application Assessment &       Analysis
  • Business Requirement       Elaboration Sessions
  • Change Requests (Mod & New)       Development
  • User Interface Re-design Strategy       and Development Approach

Client Challenge

Trinity Health invested in a BPM solution to integrate with a proven healthcare application that allowed doctors and nurses to collaborate on patient charts and records. The initial development was moving slower than expected, a backlog of bugs and mods was growing, launch milestones were being delayed, and the project budget was being overrun with no end in sight.

Client Success & Solution

Trinity Health requested TechCORE MSS formerly known as ArchiTECH Solutions to join the BPM integration project, Inbound Document Management (IDM), to immediately eliminate the backlog of application issues, provide application improvements, identify and resolve any critical-to-launch application/integration issues, and steer the project in the right direction for launch. TechCORE MSS consultants conducted a full BPM application assessment to identify any high risks or issues, determine areas of improvement to reduce future risks, and conduct and analysis of the application against business requirements. TechCORE MSS worked with the business group to identify all use cases, solidify business requirements, and define technical requirements related to the BPM integration. TechCORE MSS worked with each stakeholder group to ensure new change requests were implemented, end-to-end and user acceptance testing was conducted, and that the application was ready for launch.

Benefits & Results

TechCORE MSS consultants were essential to the successful launch of the BPM solution with new development, issue-resolution, and execution of BPM implementation best practices. The client development cycle was reduced, the backlog was eliminated, risks within solution were reduced with application improvements, and the release management schedule was defined for next version.

Professional Services Provided

  • BPM Implementation - Appian
  • Operations Assessment & Analysis
  • Operations & Maintenance Support
  • Business Process Improvement
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