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  • Functional Area Assessments
  • Architectural Design
  • User Interface Design Strategy
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  • Interface and Services Continuity       Assessments
  • Test Data Readiness & Collection
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  • Business Requirement Elaboration       Sessions

Client Challenge

Veterans Affairs Financial Services Center (VA FSC) processes non-medical invoices for all VA medical centers, as well as for other government agencies, as a franchise fund service. The VA FSC was working with a legacy system that was becoming increasingly outdated and unmanageable, especially as volume of incoming invoices increased. A Pega product was chosen to improve automation, speed, and capacity

Client Success & Solution

With major invoice processing for internal VA entities and external government partners, the VA FSC was required to handle a varying amount of invoices each day, increasing with each new government agency that selected VA FSC for invoice processing. To stem growing concerns about capacity, accuracy, and timeliness, the VA FSC decided to revamp their invoicing processes with a Pega solution. The system was required to handle invoice processing requirements beginning with mailroom functions, image scanning, and data entry at peak volumes that were projected in excess of 10-40K invoices per day. The same system also provided workflow analysis and optimized methods and procedures to simplify the processing of widely-varying invoice types, with the ultimate goal being the elimination of the physical handling of paper

Benefits & Results

The efficiency of the new system allowed for cost savings and dramatically increased processing automation. The required manpower to process invoices was reduced by 6.5 people on the invoice processing team, which, of course, indicates an increased capacity for new invoice processing accounts within VA or with other government agencies.

Professional Services Provided

  • Operations Assessment & Analysis
  • Operations & Maintenance Support
  • Business Process Improvement
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