• Process Model Re-Design
  • Application Bug Fixing
  • Design & Create Database Table Structure
  • Html Document Report Generation
  • Management of Reporting Development
  • Technical Documentation End-to-End       Testing
  • Application Issue-Resolution
  • Functionality Enhancements
  • Client Demonstrations

Client Challenge

Department of Transportation Federal Transit Administration needed a way to govern monthly and annual national ridership programs. The client was dependent on legacy systems to manage and access data in outdated applications. The goal was to leverage new BPM technology to integrate with legacy applications in order to access legacy information and manage ridership program operations.

Client Success & Solution

TechCORE Management Solutions Services, formerly known as ArchiTECH Solutions, provided expertise in BPM solution development which included application enhancements, process model re-design, and management reporting. The TechCORE MSS team collaborated with clients, product experts, and system integrator leads to conduct Scrum project delivery, design and create database table structures, develop management reporting, integrate the BPM solution with an HTML template wrapper, conduct application issue-resolution, conduct data management, provide application demonstration and testing, and develop any new application enhancements. TechCORE MSS conducted BPM implementation activities under agile sprint methodology, participated in Scrum management activities, and provided client demonstrations.

Benefits & Results

TechCORE MSS delivered expertise in BPM solution development which allowed for unique HTML reporting features leveraging an Appian application. TechCORE MSS consultants were essential in developing management reporting based on client requirements and provided quality assurance through participation in several testing phases. The TechCORE MSS team integrated quickly with the client team and delivery partners to seamlessly provide desired results and necessary solutions.

Professional Services Provided

  • Business Process Re-Engineering
  • Operations Assessment & Analysis
  • Operations & Maintenance Support
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