Operations Assessment & Analysis

Operations Assessment & Analysis

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At TechCORE MSS, Business Operations Assessment & Analysis (BOAA) is a life-cycle discipline. An outsider evaluating an enterprise should be able to clearly see which divisions, departments and processes are optimally contributing to bottom-line growth, clear enterprise-wide communication, and exceptional customer experience. Enterprise managements need to know their organizations are compliance review and audit ready. Many fully-engaged businesses, however, are crippled with creeping gaps in documentation procedures, communication workflows, even operational processes, all of which are contributing to inefficiencies, even instability.

TechCORE MSS can perform a Business Operations Assessment & Analysis (BOAA) to help client organizations understand the health status of their operations.

TechCORE MSS consultants understand that, in order to make strides in growth, an organization must know “where they are” to really determine what needs to be done to get them “where they want to be” as a company. A Business Operations Assessment & Analysis is the first step.

TechCORE MSS consultants will provide an analysis that will highlight areas of improvement, determine if technology can be implemented to drive efficiency, identify business process re-engineering needs, and recommend overall scalable organizational structure and disciplines to implement to both gain capabilities and mitigate operational risks discovered. Solutions include:

  • Business Process Efficiency Assessment
  • Business Operations Analysis
  • Solution Application Health-Check
  • Data Use, Movement and Quality Assessment
  • Enterprise Application Rationalization Analysis
  • Organizational Structure Analysis
  • Program/Solution Delivery Assessment

TechCORE MSS Business Operations Assessment & Analysis (BOAA) services provide business health strategies that pay dividends on enterprises’ most critical fronts – they save time, decrease pain points, increase revenue, and improve customer experience.

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