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TechCORE MSS Partners

TechCORE MSS takes pride in solution delivery and understands with the right partner the delivery can be very powerful and produce quality results for the client. TechCORE MSS has a proven history to deliver quality work products in teaming with System Integrators, as more than just “bodies” on the project, but as BPM and CRM solution experts. Our solution delivery and product partners have continually expressed their confidence in the ATS team, and see TechCORE MSS as a trustworthy and capable delivery partner.

TechCORE MSS has delivered BPM solutions and other IT implementations for international clients through established and trusted partners. Specifically for delivery in West Indies/Caribbean and Canada, TechCORE MSS works with affiliates Blue World Services and Architech Solutions (Canada).  Team With Us

Product Partners

Delivery Partners

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