TechCORE MSS offers payroll services in conjunction with a trusted payroll provider for one essential task: managing your payroll. You’ll find as you start talking to payroll service providers that there are many options to choose from, and in most cases several other services they can provide. Consider TechCORE MSS to help support you when choosing your payroll provider and to help with the various data entry and reporting needs in conjunction with your current payroll provider, or after selecting your payroll provider.

TechCORE MSS can support your business and the chosen payroll system with weekly, bimonthly, or monthly payroll reporting — we can work with the payroll provider to set up the schedule to match your current payroll schedule. Be sure to give your employees significant advance notice — at least 3 pay periods — if you intend to change the schedule. Even the difference between every-other-week and twice a month can disrupt people’s budgets without adequate notice.

Our payroll service team will work with your payroll provider to calculate appropriate withholdings, retirement plan contributions, health and other benefits deductions, all based on the rules you have adopted, or we can assist you with establishing and setting them up. We can handle full-time payroll services, part-time, temporary, and contract employees, whether salaried or hourly.
As we help you manage payroll, we can also work with your payroll provider to calculate and pay your payroll taxes. This includes federal and state taxes and can help free up your in-house staff to do more important work. We can also work with your payroll provider to support you with local tax services as well.

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