Pega Excellence

Pega Excellence

Collaborate. Optimize. Respond. Empower.

TechCORE MSS applies our business process expertise to help government agencies and companies build new systems in real-time – immediately improving case management, workflow, approvals, and reporting.

How We Help

As an approved Pega Business Partner, TechCORE MSS provides experienced consultants who are also Certified Lead System Architects (CLSAs), Certified Senior System Architects (CSSAs) and Certified Business Architects (CBAs). We work together with client program managers and staff to design and build applications using process-based techniques. We facilitate interviews by asking: What processes are common? What processes are specialized? What are the process flows? What are the required outcomes?

Pega CRM Suite – Get the most out of Pega Marketing to drive engagement across the entire customer journey. TechCORE MSS leverages the Pega CRM Suite to help you revolutionize customer engagement, with end-to-end automation and real-time AI on the industry’s only unified CRM platform.

Pega Platform – TechCORE MSS specializes in implementing expansive, process-driven applications while providing a platform for rapid, business-driven applications using Pega Platform. We leverage Pega business process management (BPM), case management, workforce intelligence, low-code development and chatbots to automate processes, fast-track innovation and enhance productivity. Using Pega to power Enterprise Digital Transformation at Scale with a unified, no-code platform, our end-to-end digital process automation solutions use task-automating bots, process optimization, case management and BPM to revolutionize your businesses and operations.

Pega Product Suite – TechCORE MSS partners with you on your end-to-end DPA journey, powered by the Pega Product Suite. Backed by a dedicated business process advisory and consulting team of experts with deep Pega experience, our comprehensive offerings include:

  • Consulting Assessment & Workshops to define an automation roadmap and fitment analysis of the automation platform.
  • Technology Consulting Services to set up a Pega Center of Excellence and help you establish a strong enterprise foundation.
  • Process & Governance to deliver programs successfully.
  • Application Assessment to analyze the health of Pega applications and recommendations for continuous improvements.

Pega Robotic Automation – TechCORE MSS brings significant implementation experience in Pega Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Robotic Desktop Automation (RDA). Leveraging Pega’s patented attended automation and Workforce Intelligence, we can improve the speed, efficiency, and precision of your enterprise workforce. And we add our own rich automation consulting experience and knowledge to identify where, what and when you should automate, ensuring maximum business impact and ROI.

By automating lower-value, repetitive activities in your desk side or front office and high-volume, rules-based processes in your back office, we facilitate your digital transformation journey, utilizing both attended (RDA) and unattended (RPA) bots. This reduces costs, accelerates productivity, reduces human error, and frees up your resources to perform higher-value work.

We invite you to explore our services and reach out to our specialists to discuss your needs.