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    Ready to “take it up a notch” in 2021

    Happy New Year to everyone!! With the start of a new year comes the sense of a new beginning. Many of us will make New Year’s resolutions. Some will succeed and follow through with these goals. Some will simply recommit to goals they have set in the past, but for whatever reason, were not able...
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    Proud of Being a Collaborative & Creative TechCORE MSS Team.

    As we prepare to bring 2020 to a close, I find myself humbled but energized by the reality that I am fortunate to lead an organization like TechCORE MSS. Like many businesses and particularly as a small business, we have had to navigate our ability for continued operations during “the year of COVID-19.” Our people...
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    Increasing our visibility and becoming “known, “liked,” and “preferred.”

    TechCORE MSS continues to demonstrate our belief that “challenges are opportunities to innovate.” The commitment that we have to our clients has allowed us to maintain a steady growth, acquire new contracts, and recruit new staff with exceptional qualifications and experience, so that as we focus on our clients we can provide the superior project...
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    The TechCORE MSS Team at PegaWorld 2015

    As usual, PegaWorld 2015 lived up to expectations, and the TechCORE MSS team was there to learn about the new Pega trends, meet up with old friends, and meet some new potential partners as we look forward to applying some of the new Pega innovations like Pega Express. We are going to take some time...
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    The Three C’s of Conquering Office Politics

    Please forgive me, Chuck Palahniuk, but I’m going to talk about fight club.  Well.  Not really.  Well. Sorta. I’m going to talk about office politics.  I think it’s a fair statement that, similarly, the first “rule” of office politics is:   No one talks about office politics.  At least, not openly. And why is that...
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    TechCORE MSS Project Spotlight on: Trinity Health

    Background The project we have focused on at Trinity Health is Inbound Document Management (IDM).  IDM is an application that was built using Appian BPM software.  It enables the end user to index documents that are faxed to the hospital to the correct patient visit, so that orders and other patient care documents can be...
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    Change is Good – Change is Inevitable – Change is Exciting

    This is an exciting time for TechCORE MSS! Times are changing and we are embracing the changes! We are excited to announce that on October 1, 2020, TechCORE MSS’s office moved its new headquarters to Stafford, VA, with auxiliary locations in Alexandria, Arlington, Springfield, Fairfax, and Reston in VA, as well as Washington, DC, Bethesda,...
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