Procurement Management


  • Application Assessment & Analysis
  • Upgrade Planning & Execution
  • Enhancements to Functionality of BPM       Solution
  • Application Bug Fixing
  • Center of Excellence
  • Application Cleanup & Archiving
  • Users Rights, Privileges, & Management
  • Training, Adoption, & Enablement
  • Training Module Reviews
  • Pegasystems Platform Upgrades

Client Challenge

Pepco Energy had an outdated BPM solution that included functionality not working correctly, unmanageable application users, lack of knowledge center, continuous turnover in product support, loss of project history, and experienced support not being provided in a timely manner. The client had low confidence in the solution and software, and needed a reliable solution.

Client Success & Solution

TechCORE Management Solutions Services formerly known as ArchiTECH Solutions met with Pepco Energy, including their support team, to review their experience with the application and to determine areas of improvement. TechCORE MSS consultants identified an immediate action plan to resolve high risk or high priority issues within the application. TechCORE MSS provided a full application assessment and analysis that highlighted application concerns, high-risk areas for re-design, and opportunities for application enhancement post-upgrade. TechCORE MSS worked with the client team to establish a “Get Well” schedule to include upgrade services, implementation of a Center of Excellence, application enhancements, and critical issue-resolutions.

Benefits & Results

TechCORE MSS provided On-Demand Support Services to the client for an Appian BPM application running in production. TechCORE MSS was able to support the business group with new enhancement requests, issue-resolution, bug fixing, and software upgrade services. TechCORE MSS consultants were able to meet the client requests to have an application that was highly functional with no operation issues, and to have access to the knowledge and information about the solution.

Professional Services Provided

  • BPM Implementation – Appian
  • Operations Assessment & Analysis
  • Operations and Maintenance (O&M)
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