Effective program management is critical especially on large, complex programs to ensure quality execution while ensuring each of the triple constraints (schedule, cost and scope) is maintained in balance, and having systems in place to effectively manage changes of scope. Our clients span the spectrum from Federal, Healthcare, Financial, Insurance, Retail, Audit & Accounting, Realty, Legal and Telecommunications.

Representative Program Management Services Offered by TechCORE MSS includes

Financial Management

At TechCORE MSS dependable cost management / control is one of the foundations upon which we have built our reputation. Our Project Manager is responsible for establishing and monitoring the budget, which will include the following tasks:

  • Determine client billing information.

  • Establish Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) with client and divide project into manageable Labor, and ODC Tasks.
  • Budget each task according to the agreed-upon overhead/profit factor.
  • Budget each task over the expected duration of the project.
  • Review labor and other direct costs weekly.
  • Flag and correct any incorrect charges.
  • Monitor and manage activities closely.
  • Compare planned expenditures with actual expenditures and develop a recovery plan for any deviations.
  • Communicate budget to the entire team so team members can be responsible for meeting it.

Delivery Management

TechCORE MSS collaborates to establish a schedule for delivery milestones that achieves the client’s and its customers’ delivery benchmarks. Collaborative stakeholder buy-in is essential to meeting overall project delivery schedules.

We view the client not only as “the client”, but also as a partner whose participation is critical for success in the contract delivery process.

We manage the entire lifecycle of the delivery with:

  • Expert document management
  • Best practices for operations and maintenance tailored to the client’s needs
  • Working with the client to transfer systemic knowledge of the applications

Change Management

TechCORE MSS establishes a standard Change Control process to assist the Program Manager, analysts, designer, developers, and end users in managing potential changes to a project or application. This usually will involve:

  • Change Request: Means by which users may request additional system requirements, enhancements, or fixes.

  • Change Assessment: Process to evaluate and assess the impact (e.g., resources, cost, affect to end-users) of a requested change.
  • Change Approval: Process by which a change request is approved and scheduled for implementation.
  • Technology Development: Whenever necessary we can design and/or code the software that may be needed to implement the requested change.

Quality Management

TechCORE MSS is committed to completing projects that meet our clients' requirements with respect to scope, schedule, budget and technical quality. Each project has a Project-Specific Quality Plan in place that requires the development and use of processes by which project work is assigned, carried out, checked, and reviewed in order to meet the client’s specific project requirements and applicable professional standards for technical quality.

Quality is one of our corporate core values and our policy is stated below.

  • Client Satisfaction Comes First - While accuracy of data is essential, quality is more than just that. A quality project is one that meets the Client’s needs and allows the Client to carry on its mission in a most effective manner.

  • Prevention vs. Correction - Quality is not added on to the end of a project. It is built-in.
  • Quality is Foremost a Management Responsibility - Success requires the participation of all members of a team, but it remains the responsibility of management to provide the guidance and the resources needed to succeed.

Schedule Management

At TechCORE MSS we monitor, update and manage the status of activities related to a particular project, and any project process that may affect the schedule. Timely review is important to meeting overall project schedules. As part of the strategy and schedule for each task, the TechCORE MSS Project Manager will work with the client to establish a schedule for client reviews, and to determine the appropriate parties who will review progress. Our Project Manager is responsible for monitoring the project schedule, which includes the following tasks:

  • Develop overall project schedule based on key project milestones identified in the Scope of Work.

  • Use relevant tools to track schedule.
  • For scheduled deliverables, provide adequate quality coordination and review time.
  • Identify potential schedule problems or conflicts and develop corrective actions in a timely manner.
  • Coordinate technical and administrative resources to provide planning, scheduling and cost control.
  • Update actual percentage complete on a regularly established schedule as project progresses.

Data Management

TechCORE MSS consultants are deeply versed in data management and organization. During the requirements gathering stage, data structures are mapped out to ensure ease of storage and retrieval. Data management is always focused primarily on security by explicitly capturing user roles, permissions, and access. Our professionals employ a standardized method for data maintenance that includes regular schema backups as well as scheduled script cleanups that prevent overloading the system over time and under circumstances of high usage.

We also have careful version control that will allow fast deployments of bug fixes, enhancements, and major development upgrades.

Risk Management

Program success hinges on a robust risk management process, especially programs with hundreds of operational projects and thousands of tasks underway at any one time. The objective of risk management is to both minimize fallout from events and conditions that might adversely impact a program, as well as to enhance opportunities that might positively impact it, laying in place a process that synchronously assesses, plans for, and responds to progress.

Risk management increases the probability / likelihood of program success. The scope of the risk management process encompasses management of project risk at both the program and project level, from project inception through execution of plans for managing individual risks, and will involve an assessment of project risks and the preparation of a risk checklist.

Communication Management

Project communications management encompasses both the program and project level, from project inception through execution of plans, and will involve an assessment of project risks and the preparation of a communications management checklist. TechCORE MSS and the client will determine what information can be communicated and to whom based on the nature of the project, enterprise environmental factors and organizational process assets.

Occasionally a project may be sensitive and have a need for enhanced security and confidentiality. Managing both internal and external communication therefore can become important and will involve careful project communication planning, information distribution, performance reporting, and management of stakeholders.

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