Collaborate. Optimize. Respond. Empower.

TechCORE MSS’s cost-effective Technology, Strategy & Management and Specialized Services deliver enterprise resilience that stands apart for responsive, scalable, secure solutions supporting sustainable ROI growth. We deliver the high-performance solutions and services that position clients to embrace innovation and capitalize on today’s dynamic opportunities.

  • We collaborate to assess, design, implement, enable and maintain support for clients in commercial and public sector Automotive, Energy, Financial, Healthcare, Insurance, Pharmaceutical, Retail, Telecommunications and Transportation sectors.
  • We work closely with your team to effectively streamline processes, provide needed resources, ensure better quality outcomes, and bring innovations to market quickly.

TechCORE MSS’s consultants bring 25+ years’ expertise in management and digital consulting, development teams, software engineering, solution operations, and advanced technology designed to meet our clients’ strategic business outcomes. Our Technology, Strategy & Management Services team will assist clients seeking new technology-driven opportunities by solving challenges of operational efficiencies, business management, technology and expansion activities. Our approach to innovation consulting combines the best practices in market research and opportunities investigation, business analysis, and future growth strategy development.

You receive rapid, intelligent support, with empowering solutions that scale to meet your needs.


We invite you to explore our services and reach out to our specialists to discuss your needs.