Technology Services

Technology Services

Collaborate. Optimize. Respond. Empower.

TechCORE MSS specializes in designing and implementing technology solutions to support our partners in the digital transformation world. With our portfolio of services and a proven track record of delivery, we have successfully delivered solutions to highly specialized markets and industries. We better position clients by conceptualizing and building next-generation solutions.

TechCORE MSS will work with you and your team to develop a comprehensive evaluation of your software development strategy and software product architecture and help build the solution together with you. We help you create, modernize, and reinvent your line of business applications to not only meet your business objectives but surpass them. Whether building client-facing web and mobile applications, migrating critical business systems to the cloud, optimizing user experience to improve adoption and minimize churn, TechCORE MSS’s software development services help you bring your vision and ideas to market quickly and efficiently.

TechCORE MSS has strategic partner alliances with some of the top vendors and manufacturers to help enhance our products and services for our clients. Our offerings include enterprise application support, strategy, business transformation, custom software development, and leading-edge technologies such as cloud and IoT.

Although TechCORE MSS has relationships with some of the most notable technology partners in our industry including Appian, Automation Anywhere, Pega, UI Path, Microsoft, AWS, and others, we stand agnostic. Our solution recommendations are based on our clients’ budgets, needs, and requirements for technical solutions.

We at TechCORE MSS pride ourselves on being able to deliver innovative solutions to our clients that are always on-time and meets budget. We are cognizant that our clients have technology investments they have already made, TechCORE MSS first identifies if the current investments will satisfy the solution required by the client saving costs and ensuring client satisfaction. Our technology consulting services include: