Upgrade Services


  • Upgrade Planning & Execution
  • Software Security Analysis
  • Application Cleanup & Archiving
  • Full Application Backup
  • Upgrade Process Documentation and       Reference Guide

Client Challenge

The Food and Drug Administration had four environments that were outdated and at risk for losing software support for their application. The configuration setups were also incongruous to one another and frequently encountered warnings due to the limited amount of memory allocated on their servers. The client was in need of upgrade services and to configure all of their environments for better performance and easier future upgrades.

Client Success & Solution

TechCORE Management Solutions Services, formerly known as ArchiTECH Solutions, Solutions provided fully configured installation scripts for the client to deploy on each of their environments to upgrade to the latest version of Appian. All custom configuration files across the four environments were reconfigured and merged to meet the quality and compliance standards of the software and to facilitate easier upgrade practices in the future. More memory was allocated to the servers to improve stability and a full application backup was performed to ensure a quick and reliable fallback method. TechCORE MSS also produced Version Description Documents (VDD) for each of the upgraded environments that included a list of all required components and thorough step-by-step instructions on how to install and deploy the upgrade configuration scripts.

Benefits & Results

TechCORE MSS Solutions was vital to the upgrade process for all environments. The upgraded software enabled the client to stay compliant and continue receiving full support for their application. Furthermore, the VDD documentation that TechCORE MSS provided serves as a lasting reference guide for all future upgrades.

Professional Services Provided

  • Business Process Re-Engineering
  • Operations Assessment & Analysis
  • Operations & Maintenance Support
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